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Take Your Business
to the Next Level

Reach your goal by unleashing
the power of your leadership team.

At NEXT LEVEL, we help your leadership team clarify, simplify and achieve your organization’s vision. We give you the tools to help them become a more effective, focused, aligned and cohesive team.

The results: higher profits, greater efficiency and happier and more productive management and staff.

Our Proven Process

With over 40 years of business experience, Next Level Business Planning understands the challenges your business faces.

And we’ve developed an approach to help you overcome them.

Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of your business. So you get a solution designed to address YOUR pains and achieve YOUR business goals.

Every custom solution is based on our core services: leadership team development,  ownership thinking and team building.

“David has helped our Leadership Team focus on setting and achieving goals, improve our clarity and accountability and strengthen the core of our business. ”

Dr. Mitch R

Executive Team Coaching Requires Special Skills

Are you ready to get a grip on your business?  Team coaching provides a highly skilled approach to help you and your leadership team ensure that your business goals are consistent with your “Purpose.”

An Executive “Team” coach has specific skills to motivate your team to develop the tools, communication skills and know-how to execute effectively with a committed, cohesive and structured approach.

We help you develop and coordinate your Leadership Team, ensuring that your organization has the right people in the right seats, focused on the right goals to grow your business.

The results: increased profitability, improved productivity and a more focused, engaged workforce.

And as a bonus, everyone will have more fun!

“David’s goal setting process and quarterly visits keep our team focused, engaged and rowing in the same direction.  His contribution has been invaluable.”

Leigh Ann H.